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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

What are you searching for?

What is it that so many people are searching for? Why are so many of us looking, searching, reading, meditating, watching videos, volunteering, being mindful, processing information, praying, not praying, cleansing their chakras, going to seminars, buying expensive programs, searching the web, trying to find the key to becoming a better version of themselves, and so on, and so on, and so on?

There are several answers, however, the one you are most likely searching for is the one at the tip of your fingers – just barely out of reach. Why you ask? The answer is just to simple. We as humans tend to over complicate things. Especially when those things are simple.

When you boil all of this down to it's simplest form you end up with a couple of main questions. The first main question is – Why? Why can't I get ahead? Why am I stuck at a dead end job? Why does everyone else have _______ and I don't?

The second set of questions goes something like this -
What's my purpose or life path? I feel like I was born for something greater than this, so – where is it?  I just know there is something more.....well, more.

So with all of these questions rattling around in our brains we turn to those who we think will provide all the answers in their book or program in exchange for a hefty purchase price. Sure there are tons of free webinars, articles, audio's & meetings to choose from on this topic.  Although these can be helpful & informative, they never truly get down to the nitty gritty and you're left to continue your search feeling alone and broken.

You. Are. Not. Broken. There is nothing wrong with you or your energy, your aura, your meditation process, your energetic signature, your prayers or lack there of, your job, your spouse, or your dog or your but. I don't promote buying into those expensive programs, books, classes & audios. You could listen to them a million times and not change one single bit, or you could listen to them 1 time and be forever changed. Sometimes it's not the message or the messenger. Sometimes its not them. Sometimes, its you.

The point here is that when you are ready it won't matter who is speaking or what you are reading or listening to. When you are ready for the message, the message will find you. Perhaps it will find you in a song, a letter, a book, a movie or in a conversation with a stranger in the check-out line of the Circle-K.

Like I said before, the answer is simple. So simple, it's almost impossible for our brains to Not make it all complicated.

Yes, the answer is different for everyone (not really). The answer comes to everyone in different ways. It comes in many different words, languages, thoughts, feelings and so on. Sometimes it even comes in the form of something that appears to be negative or unexpected. The point here is that if you are open to receiving the answer, it will show up.

With so many different perspectives out there it's hard to know which one(s) are the real deal. The thing to know here is that most of them are saying mostly the same thing.

They are saying: Love your self.        

Love. Your. Self.

Love yourself unconditionally with joy & passion. 

Love yourself enough to:
forgive yourself & forgive others – often,
pamper yourself & pamper others,
listen, pray, sleep late, wake up early, sit in silence,
be considerate, donate your time, donate some cash,
eat right, eat cake, play hooky, watch the sunrise,
be at peace, find your bliss, live in the moment,
experience joy, gratitude, eat chocolate, drink wine,
drink water, live in the moment, day dream & dance in the rain.

I'm sure you've heard that you should love your neighbor as you love yourself. Let us take a closer look at that.

You can't possibly love your neighbor very much if you don't love yourself very much. Loving yourself isn't selfish. Well.... maybe it is. However, it's a good kind of selfish.  After all, if you don't love yourself, how will you ever love anyone else or receive love from another person or even “love your neighbor”?  People can only give or receive love to the depth that they have experienced love themselves.

Humor me for just a minute and list the top 5 things you love-

Now, you probably listed things like: your children, your parents, your pets, money, cars, houses, foods, friends, careers, etc...

The big question is, did you put yourself on that list?

Think about that for a while. Explore and discover why you included yourself or why you didn't. Don't beat yourself up and don't be critical. Be kind to yourself and don't take any shit from that negative little voice in your head.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Candida Detox Chronicles: Day 9

Hello Detoxers,
After 9 days on our candida detox I wanted to post an update.  Not my usual style, so if you are looking for my regular frequency / spiritual / motivational  type stuff follow me on Instagram as - Janderella, on Twitter as - @JFloydHolistic or on Face Book
Remember - this is for educational purposes only.  This is not intended to treat, prescribe or cure anything.  Please seek advice from your health care provider before starting any program or taking any medication / herbs.
Ok, so here we go with all the detox details  you want to know - and some you probably don't.  We are doing this detox as a family, however, to keep it simple I will only be posting my experiences. 
I am 9 days in to this candida detox and right now I feel like I could eat a whole wedding cake! My cravings come and go and are usually not this extreme.  Tonight though, is tough.  I have to admit - I caved and bought some sugar free candy for moments such as these.  I am adamantly against artificial sweeteners in any form and haven't bought or consumed any in years.  For this detox though, I would rather have the occasional piece of sugar free candy than have the actual sugar.  Sugar is a huge No-No when it comes to candida.  Candida thrives on sugar and simple carbs.  All of which are some my favorite foods.  I miss those little Hawaiian rolls that are slightly sweet, I miss brownies, bananas, grapes, and most of all I miss COFFEE!!!
Oh, but the good outweighs the bad in so many ways.  I feel so much better overall.  I've lost 9lbs, I sleep better, I'm not struggling to wake up in the morning, and did I mention I've lost 9lbs?!? LOL     I wasn't expecting to loose so much so fast.  And before you say it - it's not water weight.  I'm not taking anything that would promote fluid loss specifically.  I've always been careful about staying hydrated.  Besides, people who stay hydrated typically don't have an overabundance of  fluid retention.  Now, I can't claim that my weight loss is all fat either.  I'm sure it's a combination of some fat, some old toxic fecal mater (gross, I know), some fluid and some actual dead candida.
My biggest complaints have to be the cravings, the bloating & the zits.  Right now my face has 4 blemishes and a few odd bumps that are on their way to being zits.  We have all been bloated off and on since day one.  It comes with the territory and we still have a ways to go.  Thankfully, we have essential oils for diffusing in the house and for intestinal support.  We also have some great digestive enzymes that we love.  Also, on days 2-4 I was extremely tired in the afternoon / evening.  I just rolled with it and retired early on those days.  A little extra sleep is always welcome in my book.
Here is a list of some common signs during a candida die-off (otherwise known as a Herxheimer reaction).
  • Nausea
  • Headache, fatigue, dizziness
  • Swollen glands
  • Bloating, gas, constipation or diarrhea
  • Increased joint or muscle pain
  • Elevated heart rate
  • Chills, cold feeling in your extremities
  • Body itchiness, hives or rashes
  • Sweating
  • Fever
  • Skin breakouts
  • Recurring vaginal, prostate and sinus infections
  • Luckily, we have not experienced all of these signs!  I can't imagine how we would get through this if we had.

  • We have been eating mostly veggies, seafood, nuts/seeds & poultry with some sausage to keep the husband & the son happy.  Yes, I realize sausage is not a healthy food, however, in the short term and for our purposes it is allowed.  I also made a concession for Satsuma's since our tree is loaded down with these little orange-like gems.  Other than that we have had NO sugar, NO simple carbs, NO fruit, (other than lemons & limes) NO coffee, NO sweet potatoes, NO peanuts, NO mushrooms, NO junk food, NO fast food, NO processed food, NO milk products, NO cheese, NO desserts, NO, NO, NO.....  I miss homemade macaroni and cheese right now.  I do occasionally use organic, grass fed, unsalted butter and we do eat eggs.  We quit drinking cow's milk a couple of years ago, so that's not a big deal.  Ice cream though, was an occasional treat that I loved.

  • Ok, I have to stop talking about food before I do something I might regret.  Let's get on to supplements & essential oils.  Please know that I can't get into to much detail about what supplement or essential oil is good for which issue.  The regulations surrounding this are insanely picky.  Feel free to email me with any questions about the products we are using.  I will post links and please be aware that I do get a modest commission if you purchase them from me.  But hey - buy them from somewhere else if you like.  I'm just sharing what I'm doing & using.  The best part about this is it's working for us and it can work for you too!
Fiber - if you haven't read my previous post about fiber, please do so.  I am taking  Loclo Fiber daily.  No bloating, no nasty side effects. Yay!
Probiotic - Honestly, I am rotating between 2 probiotics. Not because I need to, I'm just trying to see if one works better for me.  So far, they are both excellent and I like them equally. They are Probiotic Eleven & Life 5.
Essential Oils - I am using these topically, internally & aromatically.  Some I apply to the bottom of my feet, some on my abdomen, some in my tea or water and others in my diffuser.  These oils have been a huge help for so many reasons.  They support my immune system, my digestive system, my mood and even help to banish some of my cravings. The ones I am currently using can be found here.  (I'm currently using oregano, lavender, ocotea, tea tree, clove, thieves, lemon, peppermint, eucalyptus, joy, stress-away & frankincense) 
Herbs - I am using Pau d'arco for it's well known 'abilities'.  It strengthens the immune system and fortifies against "foreign invaders". (I highly recommend a quick search on Pau d'arco for loads of good info about it's benefits.) 
I am also using food enzymes  milk thistle & digestive support as needed.  The digestive support provides friendly bacteria which helps support the immune system & the colon.  The food enzymes are a great help with all of this meat I'm eating. (I normally only eat poultry, seafood & deer meat occasionally rather than almost daily.)  I do take the milk thistle on daily basis to help support & protect my liver from toxins.
I  take 2-4 tablespoons of high quality, virgin, cold pressed coconut oil daily.  I get mine from a local shop, but this stuff is available everywhere.  Just make sure you get a good brand that has not been destroyed during it's processing.
On my list to use, but not for another few days is Inner Defense.  Why wait you ask? Simply to not overload my system.  Step 1 - kill the candida.  Step 2 - support the body. Inner defense is part of my step 2, but more on that later.
Protein shake mix - This is totally optional.  We happen to like having this option for busy mornings or even a mid-day snack.  My protein shake mix of choice is not on my meal plan right now.  I have two that I like for this detox.  One is called Love & Peas. It is totally sugar free and made with stevia.  It also has fiber, vitamins & is Vegan.  The other one is called Balance Complete and it has wolf berries, vitamins, coconut oil & whey protein.  This one does have a little sugar in it from the fruits in the ingredients, but is acceptable as long as there are absolutely no other sugars in the diet. I love both of these and they are both delicious! 
Another thing I will be adding is a product called AlkaLime This is used to maintain proper PH, which can sometimes be challenging during this particular type of detox.  With such limited food choices, we often find ourselves a little to acidic.  This will do the trick.  BONUS - candida hates an alkaline environment! 
Alright, so no pretty pictures or fancy blog stuff.  Just straight forward information of what I'm doing to kick candida's ass.  Feel free to email me with any questions you have  Yes, I still use AOL - don't laugh to hard.
If you would like to have a personalized candida detox plan from a professional Holistic Wellness Practitioner who specializes in Holistic Nutrition contact me at the above email.  Not everybody's body is the same and no one detox plan is right for everyone.  Don't guess when it comes to your health.
Love & Light,
Rev. Jan Floyd HWP, RMP, CHt

Friday, October 30, 2015

Natural Health Products - Do they work?

I can't tell you how many times I've heard people say they've tried natural product "x" and it didn't work.  They often say it was the most expensive one, or the clerk at the store said it was the most popular or even that it was in the nicest package.  They complain about how they spent the money and the product either didn't work well, or didn't work at all.

That's like walking into a drugstore and going to the cough & cold section and grabbing a random product off the shelf in hopes that it works.  Without a little knowledge of the ingredients or what it's actually made for,  you might as well eat a tic-tac.

There are a few reasons why so many natural products don't seem to work.  First off, not every product labeled 'natural' IS natural.  Marketing is everywhere.  Natural products & remedies are not immune to clever slogans and pretty packaging.  Don't be fooled, read the ingredients & ask questions.  Better yet, do some research & talk to a trustworthy professional.

The second reason why natural products don't preform well for John Doe is that not all natural products are created equal.  Like I said before, read the labels, ask questions, and get some professional assistance.  Just as you would go to a doctor for a prescription, you should go to a professional Practitioner to get the right remedy.  Professionals know which products are of  higher quality and consistently preform well.  Why?  Because they work with clients and these products on a daily basis.  Trust me, we know which ones are potent, proven to work consistently &  manufactured to a higher standard.

The third and likely the most common reason why natural products don't seem to work is due to the delicate balance of enzymes, ph, vitamins, minerals, deficiencies & so on that are already in the body prior to feeling ill.  So, when you grab a natural remedy for say, a stuffy nose, it might not work so great if your microbiome is out of balance.  Now there is what the Husband calls a "Five Dollar Word". LOL  The microbiome is basically your gut health.  When this is out of balance natural product "A" might not work for you.  You might need natural product "X" in addition to a vitamin or essential oil, or even an herbal supplement.

I've seen it all to many times.  Someone comes to me and says natural product "X" worked for Sally Snowball and it didn't work for me at all.  Well, my shortest answer to that is not everybody's body is the same.  With so many things to consider, it's no wonder that so many people pick up the wrong remedy so often.

Here is the best advice I can give you when using natural products.  Seek the advice of a well trained Practitioner first.  Ask a lot of questions, build a relationship with them.  Most Natural & Holistic Health Practitioners are more than willing to help educate you on the products and services they offer.  They will usually spend 1-2 hours with you at your initial visit, ask loads of questions and offer up free advice in addition to what you went in for.  

Bottom line is: Yes, natural products Do work - especially under the supervision of a well trained Holistic Health Practitioner.

The time, effort and monetary value of a skilled professional is absolutely worth it.  Restoring yourself to optimal health is much more complex than just swallowing a pill or eating better.  Like I said before, not everybody's body is the same.  You are a unique creature of nature with unique needs.  Educate yourself, see a professional Practitioner, take charge of your health, and live fully.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Pre-Detox Sushi Binge

Ok, I'm usually not one of those gal's who posts pictures of food, but since we are chronicling our detox journey, here it is.  We are celebrating in a twisted sort of way.  Saying goodbye to some of the foods we love for a while feels a little scary.  At the same time, it feels good & we're pumped up about it.  We are celebrating the end of an era as well as new beginnings.

Yes, we ate every last bite and it was absolutely delicious and worth every penny!  No regrets moving forward with our detox after this meal.  This is not the last of the "last suppers", but it certainly is our most favorite.

Saying goodbye is a good way to prep for something like this. It allows you to have a form of closure on your old ways.  It makes room for, or paves the way for something new.  In our case, better health through a through detoxing.

We will be starting off Monday, November 2nd with what I like to call Phase 1.  This is when we will be starting our diet, daily fiber, daily lemon water, and daily essential oils.  Sounds like a lot and it is.  But - we are starting off slow to give our bodies a chance to adjust. The probiotics come a little later.  Why? Because we are waiting on snail mail to deliver them lol.  The herbs will be introduced a few days after our bodies have adjusted.  Why? Because by supporting our liver with essential oils and taking fiber first, we pave the way for everything else to work more effectively.  This also helps to not overload the liver all at once.  The liver is one of our bodies biggest filters.  We don't want it getting overloaded with toxins from candida die off on the first day.

We will be testing our herbals over the next couple of days just to make sure there are no adverse reactions.  After all, just because it's natural doesn't mean its ok for every body.

We will be taking specific herbs, probiotics and essential oils based on months of research specifically related to candida overgrowth.  I will post links to the products we will be using so you can research them if you want.  Yes, I do get a modest commission IF you choose to purchase them from my link.  But hey, you could purchase them directly from the company if you want.  I'm certainly not trying to sell you anything.  I'm just trying to be as transparent and helpful as I can be.  I want you all to be inspired by our journey as well as be successful in your own.

Remember, the products we will be using have been selected based on our individual needs.  I am also doing muscle testing to ensure that each of us gets exactly what we need.  And, since I am a spirit junkie, I will also be meditating and prayerfully considering our unique & individual needs.

Let me not forget to tell you that we will be omitting the following from our diets:
wheat (and most grains - this means rice, pasta & breads)
sugar (any and all of it, even raw honey & fruits - oh  man, help me now!)
coffee (yes, don't come to my house anytime soon! I might not be a happy camper for a while lol)
peanuts, pistachios
processed foods
potatoes - all potatoes for at least a month.

Now do you see why we allowed ourselves to indulge in the sushi dinner?  I will miss it for sure, but I'm also sure that it will be totally worth it in the end.

Here are some basic candida overgrowth signs & the spit test.  Of course, none of this is as definitive as having a medical professional diagnose your specific condition.  These signs & the spit test should be used as a guideline for you to be self informed.  If you think you may have candida overgrowth please seek the advice and care of a medical professional.  This information is for educational purposes only and is not meant to treat, diagnose or cure anything.

Ok, spit test - Yum-O!  First thing in the morning before you put anything in your mouth spit into a clear glass of water. (Don't cough up anything, just spit.)

If your saliva does anything other than float on the surface after 15 minutes it's a good indication that candida is present.  The water could be cloudy or have any of the signs in the diagram below.  The cloudiness, appearance of 'legs' or even globs at the bottom of the glass are all indicators of candida overgrowth.  If you are unsure of your results please check with your health care provider. (and submit a pic and get some feedback if you like)

Additional signs of candida overgrowth can include:

bad breath or body odor
dry cracked feet - especially on the heels
cloudy urine
skin irritations (dry, flaky, scaly, irritated, blemishes)
bowel problems
trouble loosing weight
and even food allergies

OK, now you are armed with a spit test, a sushi picture and maybe a little to much grossness for one day.  lol  I urge you to nourish your mind, body and spirit with clean water, lots of veggies and lots and lots of meditation &/or prayer.  Spend some time in nature.  Go earthing, go for a walk, go get a massage, GO FOR IT & Go Tigers!  (had to get a little LSU action in there haha)


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Pre-Detox Chronicles Part 1 - Fiber

Please be aware that for the next several weeks I will be chronicling our personal family detox journey.  This is not my usual style, however, I wanted to present a real & unedited feel to this blog during our journey.  We are detoxing for many reasons including yeast overgrowth.  We are also taking this opportunity to detox or Cleanse our spiritual selves and other aspects of our lives.

If you prefer to not hear about bodily functions, tortuous fiber drinks, sugar deprivation induced madness, random thoughts, funky new recipes gone wrong (or right), herbs and essential oil faux-pas and other miscellaneous  weirdness that might lean a little towards the Misfit - Hippie realm, then please, for the love of God, don't read my blog until after the new year. And please don't correct my grammar.  When I go back to writing more formal posts I will re-implement proper grammar.  

OK, the fiber in the Orange container is definitely NOT my friend! LOL.  Nothing against it, it's just not for me.  I've been using the LOCLO fiber in the white container for years with no issues.  I have even used that most popular Meta... fiber without complaint.  But this organic 365 brand will be finding a new home far, far away from me! I didn't even take a full dose (2tbs).  I took 1 level teaspoon and OMG the agony almost brought me to tears.  It kept me up most of the night feeling like a balloon with a pin hole in it.   Funny and gross, I know, but hey - if I can save you from the pain it's worth it.

Lesson for today - always test your fiber for a couple of days with a small dose before taking the recommended amount.

I can't even imagine how miserable I would have been had I taken the recommended amount.

Please note that everyone is not the same and what works for me may not work for you.  This post is intended for educational purposes only.  It is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure in any way. Always consult with your health care professional before taking any supplements or OTC products.

If you are interested in learning more about the LOCLO fiber or ordering some for yourself, click the link below.   It actually tastes ok - kind of like apple pie.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Did somebody say DETOX?

Just the word "detox" sends a shiver down my spine.  Sure, I've done the simple, regular detoxes and actually quite enjoyed them. My results were always great with no long term commitments. Well, this time things are different.  As I suspected, our guts are full of yeast overgrowth.  So, this detox will be longer, more in-depth, and not only physical, but mental, emotional and spiritual as well. 

Why? Because we are taking our health back!  We are in it to win it and you are welcome to laugh, learn, & participate along with us. We will be brutally honest and candid about our progress, thoughts and findings throughout the duration of the program.  We will be posting videos, helpful articles, graphics, updates and our raw truth. I'm looking forward to meeting new people, having great results, improving my health and having some fun along the way.  

Feel free to join us for a simple and easy detox at No cost to you, or Go All In and join us for a full body, mind and spirit Upgrade where we will be detoxing our bodies, rejuvenating our minds and renewing our spirits.

When you Go All In and purchase your products through us you will receive:

FREE coaching for the duration of your program
FREE personalized detox plan, menu guidelines, recipes & exercise tailored to suit your needs
FREE email support, encouragement, resources and Q&A sessions
FREE information on curbing cravings, meditation, hacks, tips and tricks to make the whole process easier 
FREE professional consultation & help with choosing the best products for your particular needs

We are setting up a private online community where you can read testimonies, participate in discussions, encourage each other and gently hold each other accountable.  This online forum will be your hub for whats going on daily.

What does the program cost?

The short answer is -
*The program is FREE when you purchase your products through us.
*This is not a one size fits all program.  Each participant will have a plan specifically tailored to their needs.
*The cost of your products is the only cost to you.  While some people may spend around $40.00, others may spend $130.00 or more to accomplish their unique health goals.
*Keep in mind that this upgrade involves the body, mind and spirit and takes significantly longer than the typical detox.  This means that your cost could be more or less than what is listed here.
*We will be eating real whole foods that are organic whenever possible, antibiotic free & hormone free.
*There are no hokey diet foods, juices, or bars to buy, just real good food.  Your local grocery store, health food store, fruit/veggie stand or farmer's market is all you'll need as far as food goes.

Here are a few things we will be doing during our Upgrade:
Meditating, encouraging each other, educating others, sharing recipes, explaining detox signs & effects, sharing tips, tricks and hacks for making it easier, sharing our favorite products and how to get them on the cheap or FREE, exercising even when we don't want to and so much more.  

Did you know that getting a massage helps support your body's natural ability to detoxify itself? Yes, I will definitely be scheduling several massages! 

When will we be starting this? 

We have a few more details to work out on the logistics end before we officially 'start' the program.  Don't wait until the last minute! We are happy to help you get your products & your personalized plan ready now.  A few extra days of mental preparation is ideal for a detox/cleanse such as this. Getting your shopping list ready and planning/prepping meals ahead of time also helps to make this experience easier, so Don't Wait!

The official start date will likely be November 2nd.  You know what that means don't you?  That means you will have enough time to Rock the New You for the holidays! 

*BONUS*  By participating now, you won't have to make that same old worn out New Year's resolution to 'get healthy'. You'll already be there!

Send us an email with your name and let us know you are ready to UPGRADE and Go All In!  We will set up an appointment to speak with you (or email if you prefer) and help you get ready for this life changing event.  Want an easier or shorter detox? Let us know and we will send you all the info you need to do a simple & easy 2-10 day detox.  Click the link to email us now.

Here is the basic overview for our personal Upgrade.  Please remember, your Upgrade will not be the same as ours because every body is unique.

-We are giving up all sugars for 30 days - including fruits, honey, breads, pasta's, etc...
-We will be meditating daily, exercising daily, using therapeutic grade essential oils daily & praying daily.
-We will be eating veggies we love and probably some we don't love.
-We are giving up peanuts, coffee (ErMaGawsh! Not Coffee!), mushrooms, dairy (Oh Noooo, Cheese & ice cream!) alcohol and other fungus promoting foods.
-We will be taking supplements such as high quality probiotics, prebiotics, fiber, vitamins & herbs.
-We will be using a high quality protein shake mix once per day.
-We will begin to add more variety to our menu in month 2 & month 3.  REMEMBER: Your program is tailored to your needs and our program is tailored to our needs.  So don't freak out over our personal time frame. :)
-We will be trying & sharing new recipes for meals, smoothies, snacks, drinks, detox baths, massage oils & all kinds of things. 
-We will also be using a journal every day to track our progress. (yes, we will share some of our entries too.) 
-We will be focused on the end results and the things we can have. Positiveness baby!

Most of our immune system is located in the gut. Lets support & supercharge our immune system.  Let's restore our health by getting our gut cleaned out, cleared up and running like it's supposed to - just in time for Fall illness season & just in time for the holidays!  After all, Total Wellness is the best gift you can give yourself and you deserve it!  

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Reiki + Raindrop Technique Hybrid Session
Raindrop Technique
The original Raindrop Technique was developed by D. Gary Young of Young Living Essential Oils in the 1980's. This is a remarkable procedure that combines a variety of energy work and Mother Earth's natural medicines known as essential oils. This technique uses several powerful essential oils which support the immune system, enhance cellular communication & repair, promote detoxification and can aid in correcting misinformation within the cells.  Some of the oils used contain Thymol, antioxidants, phenols and are extremely beneficial to the body on a cellular level.

Essential oils are 'dropped' along the back and spine and worked into the body with a light to medium touch. Benefits of this include – stimulating the detoxification process, astonishing stress relief, increased memory & brain function, the rapid rebuilding of healthy cells, improves stamina, strength, endurance and energy, aids in rebuilding cellular communication, amplifies spiritual connection, elevates mood and sense of well being, better sleep, supports and boosts the immune system.
Image result for spa
Pronounced ray-key - is a light touch healing technique developed in Japan by Mikao Usui and later brought to the United States in 1938. Reiki is often known as a spiritual healing practice and is based on the belief that there is an energetic flow in and through all living things. When this energy or “chi” is blocked the body can develop dis-ease or dis-comfort. A Reiki session restores this flow of energy, naturally helping the body's own innate ability to rediscover wellness.

Benefits of Reiki include: better sleep, better digestion, increased energy, heightened spiritual awareness, can strengthen the immune system, can reduced or eliminate physical dis-comfort & promotes a sense of well being.

The powerful combination of these two techniques being led by Source will almost always produce an immediate positive response.  The beauty of a hybrid session is that it listens and responds to the specific needs of the individual. Because of this, no two sessions are exactly the same.  While many benefits are immediately evident, the positive shifts in your re-balanced body, mind and spirit may be experienced for days or weeks afterward, with some finding long-term health, vitality & balance.
Image result for massage

Real-time Earth and Moon phase